- Compendium -


collection of archives on the world of tempo and its histories


Golden City
The Golden City
~baako and a few tiny gods overlooking the golden city. baako is in good favor among the gods and is frequently seen together~

The Old Gods
The Old Gods
~the old days of tempo where whole civilizations would be erased on a whim. two ancient warriors long since forgotten battle over equally forgotten things~

The Invisible Throne
~the dead king and his scribe upon the throne made of madeless things, encircled by the golden subjects of his court~

The Twin Sculptors
~the twin sculptors in their studio sitting upon stone slabs. their works comprise of portraits of various heroes from the past. sculptures crafted by the twins can be found from the golden city all the way to althaeban~

The Roof
~unicorn and death luv discuss plans to change the city in their image, spear heading the liberation wing of the hand. through their leadership they have freed hundreds of slaves ~

K'weku in the Pit
~K'weku fending off the waves of serpents in the pits of althaeban, very few enter and leave this part of the city~

In the Garden
~abel the destroyer and aliyah the conjerer in a primordial time before man even considered turning memories to song and scrolls~

~a lover mourns her other half, a sight seen too often during the old days of tempo~

5 5 5
~Primordial beings at rest contemplating the passage of time~

Two Point Five
~K'weku daughter of headmaster Okoro and Red the swordsman at rest, his blades have not only decapitated many foes but also double as items of leasure~
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